At Stone4you we understand the unique individual requirements of our clients. We specialise in quality bespoke worktops exclusively tailored to our clients’ needs and lifestyle for over 15 years.  We offer the complete service of template, manufacturing and fitting all overseen by our dedicated team of project managers.

Set in London, our factory and showroom are the beating heart of what we do. Furthermore, our expertise in design, engineering and project management, as well as state of the art technology give us the ability to supply products to each customer’s specific requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

All our exquisite made to measure worktops come in a huge range of stunning finishes, which combined with collaborative design process create a special product, which is not only functional but truly beautiful. Your kitchen is the real heart of your home – a place to gather, create great food and share good times. This is why creating your perfect space matters so much, so you have a lasting look that reflects your personal taste, a layout that works for you, and all of the conveniences that will make every day in your kitchen a delight.

At Stone4you we embrace challenges of highly complicated customised designs, where every detail is carefully considered, planned and executed to perfection. Made to measure stone worktop is truly the best thing money can buy and we strive to make it accessible to every person and family. A bespoke worktop does not have to cost a fortune if it is planned and executed flawlessly, and that’s where our expertise lie .

Our products are priced so competitively because we pass all the savings from lean production and lack of expensive marketing campaigns to our customers. As well as working with private customers we also work with large developers, which means that we produce thousands of units each year. Therefore, we benefit from economy of scales, as well as the use of cutting-edge technology, which means that our lean manufacturing leaves us with almost zero waste.

Buying a product from Stone4you, means that you spend your hard-earned money wisely. The price you pay is only for the direct cost involved in the making of your product, such as high-end quality materials and outstanding expertise in design and project management. When you purchase a product from us, you buy directly from the fabricator, so that is immediate saving, avoiding the middleman and all other indirect costs.